Monday, July 27, 2009

Still Here

Yes, folks I am still here. I apologize for being absent of late, but we have been crazy-busy with life and the subsequent upkeep of such.

My husband is busy marketing his current business while starting two new ones. We have had the joy of joining with him in parades (so much work, but so fun!) and enjoying as much of summer as we can.

I had started out the summer with a 90-day Bible study. This was more of an under-taking than I realized, and am still stuck somewhere in 2 Samuel. All the plans I had, all the "relaxing" I was going to do, got left-out somewhere in the details. Whoever called it the Lazy Days of Summer -- never had kids! The best part is that I have realized I am stronger and more resilient than I ever knew. Even better, though, is the idea that September is just a few weeks away. My girl will be two and my boy will be returning to school once more. This means routine, schedules, and some sense of normalcy once again!

Until then, I am going to continue my summer hiatus. I hope you are enjoying these warm days (if you are experiencing such) and this season in your life. In His Love,