Monday, March 23, 2009


Tomorrow I will be piling kids and suitcases in the car to make the trek to Idaho, home to my family and many childhood friends. I still have packing, cleaning, forgetting, and some stressing to do, so I am signing off for the week.

Here is a thought to chew on:
"I know our culture will sometimes understand a love for Jesus as weakness. There is this lie floating around that says I am supposed to be able to do life alone, without any help, without stopping to worship something bigger than myself. But I actually believe there is something bigger than me, and I need for there to be something bigger than me. I need someone to put awe inside me; I need to come second to someone who has everything figured out...Jesus didn't just love me out of principle; He didn't just love me because it was the right thing to do. Rather there was something inside me that caused Him to love me."
Excerpt from Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller

Much Love,


Andy said...

oh hope you have a good time

ambersun said...

Hi from another Amber in Australia

Liked your blog - very thoughtful.

Especially liked the bit about Jesus being for the weak.

Well I am weak - I suffer from many illnesses - and without Jesus I wouldn't have gotten through.

So I thank Jesus that he is there for weak people, like me.

God Bless


Andrea said...

Ahhh, Blue Like Jazz!!! Love it. Great quote. I wish I could say it like that.